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Our specialized programs is designed to get you
CDL Licence as quickly.

Program Designed For you

Express Program

  • 2 Hours training and Exam
  • Designed for Experience Students
  • Knowledge of CDL Required
  • License in Just 3 days
  • Third Party DMV certified Tester

Standard Program

  • Upto 20 hours training
  • Pre Parking and driving skills
  • Course for beginners
  • Popular program
  • Third Party DMV certified Tester

Advance Program

  • 40 Hours Program
  • More Advance Driving Training
  • Gain more Experience
  • Ready for Road Driving
  • Third Party DMV certified Tester

Extended Program

  • Extended Hours Program
  • Customized your Specific needs
  • Learn Truck Driving
  • One O One Truck Driving Training
  • Job Ready

Why Utah Truck Driving School Is Best Choice !

We know how critical it is for our students to get their career on the road.

The Third Party TESTER is essential for a fast CDL A Program. UTAH TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL makes it convenient and hazzle free by accommodating the students with a 3rd party TESTER.

Due to the high demand for truck drivers, there is more than a 30 day wait to schedule a driving test at the DMV. UTAH TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL will be able to schedule you with our 3rd party TESTER to take your driving exam in a timely manner.

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Meet the Team

Our instructor has over 15 years of experience and expertise. In addition, our students will receive a personalized and professional learning experience by our instructor.

About Instructor

Sergiu Safroni has 10+ years of experience in the transportation industry. Experience includes heavy equipment operation, dump truck/end dump driving, heavy equipment transportation including load securement, and over dimensional loads both inter- (single) and intra- (multiple) -state.
Languages Know - English, Russian and Romanian

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